Practice Areas

LOFT has developed an extensive foundation of business and legal experience built from more than a decade of in-house experience applicable to a wide range of practice areas.  Just a few of these practice areas include intellectual property, entertainment and media, real estate and business.

Our Specialities

  • Intellectual Property

  • Entertainment and Media

  • Real Estate

  • Business

Intellectual Property

LOFT believes that intellectual property isn’t just for tech companies.  We know that all businesses have valuable intellectual property worth protecting.  It might be a trademark to protect the goodwill built up in your business name or a new brand. It could be a copyright for content you created for YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.  If you have an idea for an invention that threatens the status quo, then you’ll need a patent. Licensing agreements allows intellectual property owners to capitalize on their ownership. Whatever your intellectual property need is, we have the knowledge and experience to secure it domestically and worldwide.

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Entertainment and New Media

Entertainment and media, such as Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram, is a unique area that requires a multi-disciplinary approach combining expertise in intellectual property and business.  Content creators such as influencers, esports personalities, athletes, YouTubers and vtubers all have unique trademark, copyright and business issues inherent in the content they create.  With a strong foundation built up over the past decade in precisely these areas, LOFT is uniquely suited to be your one stop shop for all your entertainment and media.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions are more than just buying or selling property.  While we can help you buy or sell residential or commercial property, we can also handle a wide variety of real estate transactions, such as commercial leasing, development deals or property management.  Beyond real estate transactions, LOFT can also help you with the business of real estate, such as creating and managing legal entities so investors can safely manage and their develop properties.

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With more than a decade of experience working in-house, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen when it comes to the day-to-day legal demands inherent in running a business.  For entrepreneurs starting their business, we can help by selecting and forming a business entity.  We can help existing businesses by acting as their outside general counsel, write or review all manner of contracts, assist with regulatory compliance (e.g. FDA and FCC) and more.  Whether you only have a few matters to deal with or have ongoing needs, LOFT does it all with the business perspective that comes from years of being in-house.

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