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Experienced Intellectual Property and Business Attorney

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LOFT is one of the few law firms in Long Beach business community serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties that specializes in intellectual property and business legal solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.  We believe that every business has valuable intellectual property to protect, such as content creators, downtown artists and Long Beach Accelerator tech entrepreneurs.  What we do is help them and anyone else start their business and leverage their intellectual property on a national and global scale. LOFT takes a unique business first approach from more than 15 years of in-house experience to make sure that first and foremost, the needs of your business are met.

Since every business has unique needs, LOFT tailors flexible options for each client. Whether you require a full service outside general counsel or just need a single matter handled, be it a contract, trademark or patent application, LOFT has solutions for every need and budget.

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Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Practice Areas

  • Business

    From start up to exit and everything in between.

    - Entity Selection and Formation

    - Outside General Counsel

    - Contracts

    - Commercial Leases

    - M&A, Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property is the key to all products, services, and branding. Patents protect innovation, trademarks are integral to branding and marketing, and copyrights form the basis of all art and media.

    - Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

    - Branding and Brand Protection

    - IP Portfolio Management

    - Licensing

  • Industries

    Experience in working with a wide variety of industries.

    - Tech, biotech and chemical

    - Real Estate Transactions

    - Entertainment and New Media

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Experienced Intellectual Property and Business Attorney

Why Choose Our LOFT?

  • One

    Excellent Track Record.

    More than 15 years of experience working with intellectual property and business legal matters. Successfully obtained numerous registered trademarks and issued patents both in the US and worldwide. 

  • Two

    Flexible and Affordable Fee Options.

    Fees tailored to your business' needs. Whether you need affordable hourly rates for individual matters or you have recurring legal matters that justifies a monthly retainer.

  • Three

    In-House + IP Experience

    With the unique combination of extensive in-house and IP experience means that you don't need to find separate attorneys for all your business an IP needs. LOFT is truly your one stop shop for all your business legal needs.