With locations in Irvine and Long Beach, the Law Office of Fred Tong offers a wide range of patent, trademark, business and real estate legal services to individuals and businesses of all sizes, but especially start-ups and small business.  After spending more than 10 years working in-house for various businesses, Fred is well aware of the challenges that face small businesses and start-ups in finding high quality intellectual property and business legal assistance at affordable rates.  So, he started the Law Office of Fred Tong with goal of providing the high quality legal services businesses need, but within their budget.

Intellectual Property – As a registered patent attorney, Fred has experienced everything from patent and trademark clearance to filing patent, trademark and copyright applications and managing complex intellectual property portfolios containing thousands of patents and trademarks.

Business – With more than 10 years of working in-house, Fred has also acquired extensive experience in business transactions.  He has assisted in businesses with entity formations, reviewing and drafting contracts, merger and acquisition due diligence and more.

Real Estate – As a licensed real estate agent along in combination with all of his transaction experience, Fred is well suited to represent clients in any real estate transactions.  More than just buying and selling properties, Mr. Tong can assist with that tricky commercial lease, property management, development projects and more.