Intellectual Property, Patents
By Fred Tong / March 5, 2021

The “Nemesis” Patent

As I’ve mentioned before, my generation is probably the first to be raised on video games. As a lifelong video game...

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Hopefully this NFT launch won't be a complete disaster since it's for worthy cause, i.e. not trying to scam people
Just received patent 11141355! This one is a pretty exciting one (for dentists). Congratulations to the inventors and to DenMat! LawOfficeFT photo
After the great NFT boom over the summer, NFTs seem to have been taking it on the chin lately. Hopefully someday, someone will be able to figure out how to make NFTs work in a safe and secure manner. Until then, another botched NFT launch...
NFT Buyers Scammed As 'Creator' Bails, Who Could Possibly Have Seen This Coming?
The NFT market has been a little quiet lately. This should liven things up for a little while.
Just got a patent notice of allowance! 😆 Patent allowances ranks above trademark registrations for personal job satisfaction. In particular, all the challenges with this application makes the allowance that much more satisfying. More about it later.