Intellectual Property, Patents
By Fred Tong / March 5, 2021

The “Nemesis” Patent

As I’ve mentioned before, my generation is probably the first to be raised on video games. As a lifelong video game...

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Lightstream went after StreamLabs on twitter because of the alleged similarities between websites just goes to show that trade dress is just as important to brand building as traditional trademark concepts of wordmarks and logos.
RIP Staples Center, long live Center. 20 years for $700 million shows the current financial clout of crypto. But, the big question is how many banners are the Lakers going to raise at Center?
This is too bad, I was really looking forward to returning to Singapore after so many years.
Admittedly, I haven't read the opposition documents, but I'm going to side with the Examining Attorney here. IMO, there isn't liklihood of confusion between the Doom video game and the Doomscroll band. How far will Doomscroll go to keep their band name?
Slater, Moore And Florence Among The Big Names Down For The Haleiwa Challenger | World Surf League